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Pink Eye

Pink eye is described as an eye condition that makes the white of your eye turn pink or red. A burning sensation, itching, and pain can accompany this condition. When you have pink eye from an infection, you risk spreading the infection to other people. We at Yaryan Eye Care Center work to help patients in Connersville, IN, Brookville, IN, and Rushville, IN, deal with this condition. 

As an optometry facility in this region, we're committed to helping our patients preserve their eye health. An optometrist on our optometry team is here to help. 

pink eye

Air Pollution

Air pollution can be one of the causes of this condition in both adults and children. Air pollutants, such as smoke from cars or factories, can cause irritation and inflammation in your eyes leading to pink eye. We can help you to find ways to avoid coming in contact with smoke or other irritants in the future.

Bacterial and Viral Infections

Bacterial infections are a common cause of pink eye. Bacterial infections can affect just one or both eyes, causing discomfort and irritation. Similarly, viral infections such as measles can also lead to conjunctivitis. Although bacterial infections can be treated, take extra precautions to help make sure that you do not spread it to others.

Seasonal Allergies

During the springtime, seasonal allergies can cause pink eye. Pollen grains and other summer and spring allergens can trigger eye inflammation in people with allergies due to the body's reaction to these substances. You may need to get diagnosed for any underlying allergies that could lead to pink eye. An eye doctor on our optometry team can offer insight into whether it's allergies or another issue causing the pink eye.


Using contaminated cosmetics can also lead to pink eye. Makeup and multiple skincare products, such as eyeliners, mascara, and face brushes, can sometimes be unhygienic. Touching eyes with unwashed hands can also spread bacteria and cause pink eye. If you're using cosmetics, clean them regularly to avoid any infections or contaminated particles from getting into your eyes.


Sometimes, pink eye infections can be caused by parasites. If you suspect a parasite has infected your eye, contact us for professional advice and treatment.

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An optometrist on our optometry team at Yaryan Eye Care Center in Connersville, IN, Brookville, IN, and Rushville, IN, is ready to diagnose and treat pink eye. We are here to help you to find a practical solution for your condition. Speak with us today for an eye exam. Call us at (765) 377-1241 for more information.


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