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Eye and Vision Exams

Many people avoid going to the eye doctor unless they are having a vision problem. This is a mistake. It is recommended that you see one of our eye doctors for a complete vision exam once per year. There are a few reasons why annual visits with your eye doctor at Yaryan Eye Care Center are essential.


Vision Changes Can Occur Gradually

It is not uncommon for your vision to change from year to year. When your vision changes, it often happens so gradually that you don't realize that there has been a change. When you have your annual eye exam, your eye doctor will test your vision to see if there have been any changes. If there have been, you will receive a new prescription for glasses or contacts.

Keep Your Prescriptions Up-To-Date

An eyeglass prescription and a contact lens prescription are valid for only a year. If you wear glasses and you lose your glasses, you will need a current prescription to have a new pair made. If it has been a few years since your last eye exam, you won't have a current prescription.

If you wear contact lenses, you can order your supply during your annual eye exam, but when your supply runs out, you will need a valid prescription to order more. If it has been a couple of years since your last exam, you won't be able to order new contacts until you receive a proper examination. If you have your eyes examined every year, you will always have a current prescription ready when you need it.

Many Eye Diseases Show No Early Symptoms

Seeing your eye doctor every year is essential for the health of your eyes. There are a few serious conditions of the eye that can cause permanent vision loss but show no early signs. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are just a few of these serious conditions. While there is no cure for these diseases, your eye doctor can create a treatment plan to slow the progression of the disease, preserving your vision longer. If you neglect your annual eye exams, you won't know that you have an eye disease until permanent vision loss has occurred.

Medical Conditions Can Be Caught During Eye Exams

Your eye doctor can detect more than diseases of the eye during a routine eye exam. Some medical conditions can be detected during your eye exam, before being diagnosed by your primary care physician. Your eye doctor can detect hypertension, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and even brain tumors. Not only will an eye exam protect your eye health, but it can also protect your overall health.

Schedule an Eye Exam with One of Our Optometrists

You must make annual visits to your optometrist a priority. If you live in Connersville, Brookville, Rushville, or the surrounding area, call Yaryan Eye Care Center today at (765) 377-1241 to schedule an eye exam with one of our eye doctors.


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