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Contact Lenses FAQ

If you have problems with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, contact lenses are a viable option for correcting your sight. You can obtain the contact lenses you need at Yaryan Eye Care Center in Connersville, Brookville, or Rushville, IN. These FAQs from our Rushville eye doctor explain more about contact lenses and how they can benefit you.


Who can wear contacts?

Most people who wear glasses can also wear contacts. Contacts correct many of the same vision problems as prescription eyeglasses and come at an affordable cost. Our optometrist can help you choose the right contacts for you.

What types of contact lenses are there? 

There are basically three types of contacts: soft lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, and hybrid contact lenses. Within these categories, you can find disposable, daily wear, extended wear, multi-focal, bi-focal contacts, and more.

What’s the difference between hard and soft contact lenses?

Soft contacts are made of a soft, flexible plastic material combined with water. This material is permeable to allow air to easily pass through to nourish the cornea of your eye. Hard contacts are made of a more durable, rigid material that's less comfortable to wear, but provides sharper vision. These contacts are easy to handle and long-lasting, making them more cost-effective over the long haul.   

How do I know if contacts are a good fit for me?

Through a contact lens exam, our optometrist can determine if contacts are a viable option for you. This exam includes a vision exam to test your eye health and visual clarity, a contact lens evaluation, and eye measurement for contact lens fitting. Our eye doctor will measure the size, shape, and curvature of the cornea of your eye to customize your lenses for a perfect fit. Ill-fitting contacts can cause blurred vision and put you at risk for eye infections or abrasions. We’ll also assess your tear production to ensure your eyes produce enough tears to keep the contacts moist.

How long does it take to adjust to wearing contacts?

Most people find soft contacts easy to adjust to and are comfortable wearing them after a few days. RGP and hybrid contacts may take a few weeks or even longer to adjust to due to their rigidity. Some people may decide they don’t like contacts at all and revert to wearing glasses again.

See Our Connersville, Brookville, or Rushville, IN, Optometrist for Contact Lenses

When you’re ready to give contact lenses a try, give our Rushville eye doctor a call. At Yaryan Eye Care Center, we carry top of the line contact lenses to suit your visual needs. To schedule a contact lens exam or fitting, contact us today at (765) 377-1241.



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